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Welcome to Lantern Marketing- Marketing Consulting Services

I am so excited for the long overdue launch of the website for Lantern Marketing.  I have been so busy with marketing consulting projects that I kept putting off the design on my own website!  I will be adding to it as time goes on and I will be definitely be sure to include projects that I am working on.   I truly enjoy helping out small businesses grow and showing them that marketing isn't so daunting and can be effective without being pushy. One thing that really irks me is marketing companies that are so pushy and try to sell services that just don't deliver.  It really gives marketing a bad rap and hurts small consulting companies like mine who really have both the passion and knowledge to provide a service to businesses.  You can view a list of services that we offer here. 

Right now I am working on a project for a Solar company.  It's a pretty unique project that I just love, even though its keeping me up late at night, lol.  This company needs help with the "marketing" aspect of their quotes to their clients for commercial solar installation.  I am creating a presentation for their clients in Keynote, which is the Mac version of Powerpoint.  Part of the presentation includes graphics of what the solar panels look like on the actual building of their client.  It is painstaking project to say the least, but I think well worth it because my client absolutely loves it!  Here is an example of view/angle of the building. I just think this is so cool!  Please feel free to comment or contact me.  

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